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What is a Carer Passport scheme?

Essentially a Carer Passport is a record which identifies a carer in some way and sets out an offer of support, services or other benefits in response.

Carer Passport schemes have developed in many different settings and some have been running for many years.  Some aren’t called a Carer Passport but have a similar function.

  • Aid identification and support of carers
  • Raise awareness of caring
  • Provide a concrete, easily understandable offer of support or services
  • Make carers feel valued
  • Provide help/assistance to managers or key professionals 
  • Provide a short-cut so carers don’t have to repeatedly explain themselves
  • Help organisations benefit from carer involvement

Here's an at-a-glance guide to some of the benefits Carer Passport schemes can bring.

What isn’t a Carer Passport scheme?

A Carer Passport should combine both identification and support or services.

ID cards, emergency cards and discount schemes can all be valuable part of Carer Passport schemes, but they are not Carer Passport schemes in themselves if they only provide identification or support.

A Carer Passport helps to improve and embed identification, recognition and support for carers in the day-to-day life of an organisation or community. Not just in the event of an emergency.

This project focuses on Carer Passport schemes in five key settings – hospitals, employment, community, education and mental health trusts.

Choose an option below to get started. This isn’t an exclusive list – if you are interested in setting up a Carer Passport to recognise and support carers in a different setting, just fill in the Register Your Interest form and tell us more.


An Employer Carer Passport scheme provides a straightforward way to discuss and document the flexibility and support a business can give to enable employees to combine caring with work.


A Hospital Carer Passport scheme helps recognise carers’ role in supporting patient treatment and care, keeping carers involved and taking simple actions to make them feel welcome .

Mental Health Trusts 

A Mental Health Trust Carer Passport would draw together a variety of support for carers, setting out how the Trust recognises, involves and supports them as partners in care.


A Community Carer Passport scheme helps to identify carers, connects them to information and support and often involves benefits such as discounts in local businesses


A Carer Passport in a school, college or university supports the early identification of young carers and adult carers, leading to support both within the organisation and through connections with local services.

Info for Carers

Carer Passport schemes are entirely voluntary, but with your help we can spread the word and make the case that everyone wins when carers are recognised and supported.